Morningstar relay interface programming challenge

I hooked up the Morningstar Relay Interface to my MC-6 Pro. Works great for what it does. I am controlling my TC Helicon Play Acoustic voice processor using it. The two relays engage the Next and Previous song switches on that pedal. I’d like to get more sophisticated.

In all of my other MIDI capable gear and software, I am able to assign a specific number to a song and use that to select that song. There is no such capability on the Play Acoustic. Using its footswitches I can tap to go to the next or previous songs, or I can long-oress to scroll forwards or backwards.

Can you think of a way I can use counters or some other mechanism to have my MC-6 Pro execute the correct number of virtual footswitch presses so that I can scroll forwards or backward to the correct song? If I start the Play Acoustic at the beginning of my set then using a Tap - NO works fine. But there may be instances when I want to select a song out of my normal set order. I want this to work when I enter a Bank - I have one bank per song.

I would even use a solution where it scrolls backwards to the beginning (holding down the previous song button on the play acoustic will scroll it to the beginning and stop there) and then scrolls forward the correct number of virtual foot switch presses. That way I can use the same song number that I use in my other MIDI devices to scroll to a particular song. I have been trying out the “Engage” action for a preset to scroll to the beginning but this doesn’t automatically return to the disengaged mode once the Play Acoustic has scrolled to the first song.

Because I play sets, I can always guarantee the play acoustic will be in the correct order with the songs will be in the correct numeric location, e.g. the fifth song.

Many thanks for your creativity!

I don’t know if it’s possible but I’d try to program a sequence of relay messages with a delay in between to an unused preset that can be engaged when entering a bank.

Thanks for the suggestion. I’ll see what I can do.