Morningstar MIDI - Strymon Pedal Set Up for Newbies

Getting Started:

If you are connecting Morningstar MIDI to Strymon via the Omniports, you’ll need STEREO TLS cables like these:–ebs-pcf-dls28-flat-patch-cable-28cm-angle-angle

Mono TLS cables won’t get the job done. You need Stereo cables. Very important!

Also download the Morningstar Editor Software from the Morningstar website. You’ll need to configure the Controller to work with the Strymon pedals. My set up is as pictured in the screenshot:

Step 1: Connect your Strymon Pedals to your Morningstar MIDI controller via Stereo TLS cables. I am using an MC8.

Step 2: Open to the Morningstar Editor and go to the CONTROLLER Settings page. Configure Expression Port 1-4 as MIDI Out. Edit the MIDI Channel Names to correspond to how your Omniports are set up. In the screenshot, you can see I have Channel 1 going to the Volante, Channel 2 to the Bigsky, Channel 3 to the Sunset and Channel 4 to the Mobius. You can configure yours anyway you’d like. You just need to be consistent in how you set the MIDI Channels on the Strymon pedals so that they are consistent with the Morningstar settings.

Step 3: Configure the MIDI Channels on each Strymon pedal to correspond with the Morningstar Controller set up. I have the Volante set to MIDI Ch 1, the Bigsky to MIDI Ch 2, and so forth. The Styrmon website has instructions on how to set the MIDI Channels on the various pedals. It’s straightforward.

Once you have completed Steps 1-3, you are ready to begin setting up preset, I recommend using the Morningstar Editor but you can do it manually as well - check out the Morningstar manual for your MIDI controller and the various You Tube videos online.

btw: Here’s how to navigate around the fact that some of the Strymon pedals use letters for saved presets. The work around for the Morningstar Editor is you just go up a number…if 33 is A on the Bigsky then 34 will be B…35 will be C…Starting on 36 you start on A again on the next bank.
Remember that the Bigsky has 3 per bank and the Mobius/Timeline only have 2 per bank so they will go up to the next bank every 2 increments.


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