Morningstar MIDI Box able to control Meris pedals?

It appears to be the case, but wanted to confirm with someone that the Morningstar MIDI box, with it’s switchable TRS inputs, is able to control Meris pedals? And would thus make having a Meris MIDI I/O unnecessary or redundant?

the Meris I/O allows you to send and receive midi via the TRS ports, so it’s possible to use certain apps to control the Meris pedals, or do data dumps to a SysEx librarian software (more info in the MIDO I/O manual).

Our MIDI box splits the midi signal into 9 signals to allow you to control as many TRS MIDI pedals as possible.

splitting the signal is so HUGE!!! I learned that Red Panda pedals don’t flow signal onwards so if you are using something like a Meris MIDI to control Red Panda and Meris pedals, if you put the Red Panda pedal in slot 1, nothing in slot 2,3,4 will get MIDI. If you put Red Panda in slot 2…nothing in slot 3, 4 will get MIDI. I plan to eventually get the morningstar MIDI, but this little quirk tripped me up for a WHILE…couldn’t figure out what was wrong with my MIDI.

Kudos to morningstar and these brilliant designs.

Thanks for the clarification, James! Would the omniports on an MC8 offer that functionality (app control, SysEx data dumps, etc)?