Morningstar MC8 Programming - Internal Switch logic

Hello all. New to Morningstar programming, so please be kind :slight_smile:

I am trying to achieve the following, but I am stuck …

I use bank 1 as a launching pad to go to other banks. (Bank Jump)
These other banks have 7 presets each that will act as setup switches for specific songs, plus a button that I use to change Page to activate other functions. This works just fine.

Let’s use bank 2 as an example. It contains 7 presets for song setup, and on a very basic level they all send out different Program Change messages to all my connected devices. This works fine.

The problem for me starts when I try to get a little more fancy,

I am hoping to make my MC8 do the following:

  • Upon Bank Entry none of the text for the 7 preset buttons shall Blink
  • Press the button for Song 1
  • Make the text for Song 1 button Blink
  • Make the text for Song 2-7 NOT Blink
  • Press the button for Song 2
  • Make the text for Song 2 Blink
  • Make the text for Song 1 and Song 3-7 NOT Blinking .
    and so on …

To keep my testing manageable I have limited myself to sending 1 PC message pr preset.

I have read the manual, and tried various combinations of settings, but it is obvious that I am missing something here … I just don’t know what :slight_smile:

I have read all about Blinking, Position 2, Toggle Groups and so on … I might just have gotten some of this totally backwards.

I guess this is like Morningstar 101 programming stuff, so I am hoping that someone here can come to the rescue for a newbie :).

Kind regards Nils.

there are multiple ways to do this.
If you just want to have ALL presets in a bank to behave like this, just enable ‘clear preset toggles’ in bank settings and enable ‘toggle mode’ and ‘preset blink’ in all of your presets except the page jump.
If you want to exclude some presets for some reason ‘toggle groups’ are the way to go.

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@GuitarWolf has the answer. Sounds like you only ever want one “thing” to be active, so this suggestion would work well.

When Toggle Mode is enabled on a preset:

the first Press (that’s the typical action you’d use) engages any messages set to position 1 (toggle on / activate my thing)

the second press engages any messages set to position 2 (toggle off / deactivate my thing).

Thanks a lot GuitarWolf :slight_smile:

I hav tried your recipe, but I cannot make it work. Do you mind if I send you some screenshots for you to debug ? Kind regards Nils

Thanks a lot for your reply. I am aware of this, and I suspect that this is linked to my issue. To get the preset to blink it needs to enter position 2 (at least according to the manual) and to make the preset enter position 2 on the first press, I kind of need to force it. (using SET TOGGLE) as the first line in the actions list. Is this also your understanding ? Kind regards Nils

Some screenshots would be helpful, just upload them here.

Hello again.

I got it working …I guess I tried to be to clever, and set the position to 1 for the switches.
After settling it to BOTH I started working … Learning by the minute here :slight_smile:
But … there is a problem I need to address

If I select i.e. preset 1, the name starts to blink, and the title of the preset is shown in line 3 in the display. All predictable so far.

If I then klick the page toggle button , and press it one more time to go back … there is no blinking and no name shown in the display.
or mere precise … the name shown is the short name of the Page toggle switch. … not very useful I am afraid :slight_smile:

So … Is there a way to at least make the name of the selected song blink … after returning from another page ? I can live without the LONG NAME if only the short name keeps blinking,

Hope this was clear

Kind regards Nils

Go to ‘controller settings’ / ‘general configuration’ and check ‘remember toggle states’