Morningstar MC6 with Jackson Audio

Got my Broken Arrow and Bloom into the 2 omniports with 2 TRS cables. Set them both “MIDI Out Standard” but they still don’t work. Do I miss anything? Thanks a lot

I have a Bloom v2 in one of the MC8 Omni Ports and have previously also had the Brocken Arrow on another. It should work.

Has the midi receive channel been set on the Jackson Audio devices? It’s also worth noting it’s not sufficient to send just a PC message for the bloom as that simply sets the compressor type. A CC message also needs to be sent to switch on/off. e.g. CC 1 CCV 127 Channel 1 will switch on the Bloom if on Channel 1; CC 1 CCV 0 Channel 1 will switch the Bloom off.

The same Control Change structure should switch the Broken Arrow on and off too.

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