Morningstar MC6 play sample on Elektron Digitakt

I think i am close to solving all but this last part.

I have my Morningstar communicating to the Digitakt successfully over midi channel 14.

I have 8 samples lined up in one project. I used CC 17 set to value 3 to play it forward, but that ‘play’ is just the mode i learned (however, changing the value proved i was communicating between the two devices successful when play mode changed)

What i am simply trying to do, is actually ‘play’ the sample on the digitakt with a button on the footswitch. I cannot find the CC or PC instructions in the manual to do this. Not clear at all. There is some reference to using individual midi channels on page 70 but that seems overkilll.

Just looking to do 6 buttons on the MC6 mapped to 6 different samples. when i press the foot switch button i get a sound.


I’m away from my computer right now, but there’s an auto channel on the Digi that treats the different tracks as notes 0-8 (I think?).

On the individual channels the samples “play” when you send a midi note to the channel.