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Hi all. I’m using MC6 for controlling light show via a dmx controller. On the MC6, is there any setting to highlight which is the current or active button pressed? I just want to glance down and see what scene is activated. Any help would be great, thanks.

Welcome! This should work. In this example we’re using Bank 10, the MIDI device being controlled is on channel 2, Program Change (PC) 1 recalls lighting state 1, PC 2 recalls lighting state 2… of course, adapt if your device is on a different channel, of if you change lighting states some other way e.g. Control Change.

When you press switch A, it’s text “LX 1” will flash until switch B is pressed… and then the switch B text will flash. Drawback: if you press a switch twice it’ll stop flashing… but I figure you probs won’t (intentionally) do that because pressing a switch twice would effectively do nothing, because it just sends the same PC again. And anyway, if you DO press something twice and the flashing stops, just press “any switch” to make something flash :slight_smile: Anyway:

Bank settings:

Preset A:

Preset B:

“Long Name” is optional - I like it because I get fuller text on screen briefly when I press a button.


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Thanks for your input, definite progress. What I’m now experiencing is that if, for instance, I press A so it is flashing, if I then press B, B flashes but A continues flashing too? How is the first flashing button cancelled the pressing another button so that only the latter is flashing? Hope this makes sense:-)

Sorted last part. Only issue now is on a couple of buttons, I have 2 messages, 1 in pos1 and 1 in pos 2. First press takes it to 2nd message which flashes but, when pressing again, it returns to 1st message which doesn’t flash?

Ah that I think you CAN’T do. From the manual:


To indicate that the preset is in position 2, you can also use the blink option, where if the blink option is set to On, the Toggle Name on the main page will blink when the preset is in position 2.