Morningstar MC3 + Eventide H9 + Mission SPH9 Expression Pedal midi setting question

Hello All,

I am using Morningstar MC3 + 2 Eventide H9’s + Mission SPH9 Expression Pedal. It works very good.
Only I cannot seem to the Expression working correctly through the MC3. Program Changes and CC numbers work,

Connected directly to the H9 the Mission pedal works correctly ( assignable values of i.g. mix, or feedback A, B etc. ) but through the MC3 it doesn’t.

Any ideas here how to solve this problem?



Hi. We explained how to use the expression with the H9 here:

If you want the expression pedal to behave like it were directly plugged into the H9, you just need to control “Expression pedal value” found under the H9 MIDI CC Receive map.