Morningstar MC3 controlling Walrus Mako D1 via MIDI

Wondering if someone might help kickstart me a bit. I would like to use my MC3 MIDI controller to have buttons assigned to switch to MOD, TONE, and AGE on the DI.

Ideally when I switch to that Parameter, I’d like the Expression pedal to control the range.
I am not sure what to do next.

I have a:

  • Morningstar MC3 hooked up to the Walrus Mako D1 via MIDI
  • an expression pedal plugged into the MC3.
  • the MC3 attached via USB to Morningstar’s online MIDI editor.

In the editor, there are a bunch of options for Action (“Press”) and Type of MIDI signal (Control Change, Program Change)

  • Control change requires a CC number, CC value, and MIDI Channel
  • Program change requires a PC number and MIDI channel.

From the D1 manual, I see a list of MIDI CC# and MIDI CC values, but not sure how to find PC number, MIDI channel, or what value (or Type?) will assign the Expression pedal to the range of values.

OK think I sorted it out…at least the bit I wanted to get done:

Launch Morningstar Editor software in Chrome (or install it on your PC). Attach your Morningstar (MC3 for me) via USB to your computer. Attach it to your Walrus Mako via MIDI. ‘Connect to Device’ in the Morningstar Editor software.

  1. First, setup Walrus Mako D1 to know what MIDI channel is for it: Hold both Mako D1 push buttons while powering it up. LED blinks like crazy, but hold the button until you get the normal blue blinking LED. Now, send a MIDI signal from your device on the Channel you want to use.

  2. Next on the MorningStar editor, Go to the Edit Bank on Morningstar MIDI controller and give a name to that MIDI channel (“Walrus Mako”)

  3. Setup Morning star to have Expression messages for each button in the bank (pic 1). One Expression CC message for each button/parameter in the bank. List the CC number of each, and the CC min/Max values. Ensure I have the correct MIDI channel assigned. CC 21/22/23 are for the Tweak parameters Mod/Tone/Age. Range is 0-127 for each.

  4. Assign each button of that bank (Bank 1 for me) to the three parameters (pic 2): choose the button, choose Action: Press, and Type: “Select Exp Message”. Check the check box for the specific Message (from the Expression pedal page) for that Button/Parameter.

So, for me, Bank 1, Preset A is the MOD position on the Tweak control. Msg 1 on the Expression page has the CC number 21, which is the one for the MOD parameter.

Save the presets as you go! (button in upper right hand corner).

Pic 1

Pic 2:
Unable to post a second picture, but this is the MIDI editor, and it shows BANK 1, PRESET A (which is my D1 Mod parameter.
The Msg 1 Action is Press.
Type is Select Exp Message
it should say below that: “Expression Input, Expression 1” and click the yellow checkbox for Msg 1 (for me that was the Message assigned to MIDI CC 21, the Mod parameter for Mako D1.

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