Morningstar Editor and HX Editor with 1 usb cable

I would like to know if I can connect my MC8 and HX Stomp via midi and use only 1 usb cable to open both HX Editor and Morningstar Editor at the same time. With the Strymon pedals it can be done, connecting the Timeline with MC8 via midi and using only 1 USB cable I can open both Morningstar Editor and Nixie.

It’s not possible with HX Edit as they use their own proprietary protocol to communicate with the HX devices.
The Strymon uses MIDI SysEx message which is why the MC can be used as an interface, as it is able to read/write SysEx from USB to DIN and vice versa

Thank you so much! I’m going to use 2 separated USB cables.

I have an MC6, Stomp and a Source Audio C4 on my pedalboard. I connect them all to a 3 to 1 USB combiner. Then it’s simply 1 USB cable to my PC/laptop and I can have all 3 editors open at once, no issues at all.

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Which USB combiner do you use??

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This USB hub is the closest I can find to the one I have. It’s been a couple of years since I bought mine and I can’t find the exact link. This one looks identical to mine. I attached mine to my board with pedal board tape.
I hope this helps.

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