Morning Star ML5 connect to Brown amplification Protein dual overdrive (Able to Engage independently?)

Hi Morning Star,

I’ve just bought ML5 and plan to connect the Protein dual overdrive through ML5 and MC8.
I’ve been told that the overdrive can be engaged independently by using a TRS cable. Once I checked with the Brown amplification, they send me this:-

Guitar Tech from Echonix recommended me Y-cable (Stereo TRS- 2xMono Ts) to connect the pedal with ML5. Is that work? Just wanna check with you before I pull a trigger on the purchase.

Thank You
Best Regards

According to the description, it looks like the Protein dual overdrive has stereo inputs and outputs and you can use a stereo splitter cable to put it into 2 loops. That Y-cable looks like it will work (the picture shows a Mono plug instead of a Stereo plug though, so you might just want to confirm with them).

So, yes, according to the description provided, it will work.

Hi Henry,
this will definitely work.
I used the Protein with another loop switcher exactly this way!