More display name options for one button (long press, toggle, double press)

I love the possibility to have more display options for one switch, like for example toggle and Long press.
However if I combine and long press (Which works perfectly) the display can only handle the toggle state. For example, pos1 is low delay mix, pos2 is Mid delay mix Lonpgress is Hi delay mix. (Use that instead of an expressionpedal. Same can go for for example 3 speeds oh a leslie.

It would be great to have the screennames change on Longpress, or double tap.

Thanks, E

Perhaps a better way to think about this is more than two positions for toggle along with names for each position. Toggle becomes a scroll with perhaps up to 12 positions.

You choose per preset the size of the scroll. A size of 2 would give you the current toggle. I’d be willing to accept a shorter length of name when I use more than two positions.

This would also simplify preset scroll and give it the missing features that toggles have like setting the toggle position without executing the prior actions, setting the position of a different preset, etc.

This also reduces the need for scroll counters, cc/pc scroll, etc.

Going crazy with the idea, even better would be a name and a value per position. That value could be sent from a single action as a CC number, or PC number, or… You would set a single action to trigger in ALL positions, for example. No more copy/paste for each toggle/scroll message with the value hardcoded in the action would be needed.