More banks, less pages

I’m using my MC6Pro to control a Quad Cortex. The QC has dreaful setlist management. Even re-ordering a list is a pain and each list contains a new copy of the preset meaning if a tweak anything, I soon lose track of which is the latest one.

The MC6Pro has sorted this by me having one preset per bank and I can re-order the banks instantly on the desktop app.

I think you can have 128 banks but each bank has a load of pages. Is there a way to have less pages and convert them into additional banks of less pages? Having one song per bank really makes my life easier but I could run out of banks very quickly in a wide ranging covers band.

The Pro has 128 Banks x 8 Profiles. That’s 1024 Songs. I doubt that you play more than 128 Songs at an evening. So alternatively you could use the bank management features of the editor, too. :wink:

The bank manager looks ideal. hadnt spotted that. Not even realised there are profiles. Will look ingto that too. :slight_smile: Thanks