Moog MF104-M with MC6

Hi there,
I’m quite new to the Morningstarworld but very happy so far. Just one “but”:
I have come across some kind of an issue programming some patches for my Moog MF104-M analog delay.

I’ll attach a screenshot of the editor.

I want to have this patch for enabling delay time midi clock sync and switch between different subdivisions. I’m sending midi clock tap messages via my HX Stomp.

Msg1 enables midi delay time sync.
Msg2 subdivides to dotted 8s.
Msg3 subdivides to quarters.
Msg4 disables midi delay time sync.
Msg5 is a preset toggle, so that I always start at the same point when engaging this preset, no matter where I leave it.
Msg 6 sends a certain delay time, that I like for general, non-synced textures.

Msg4, 5 & 6 are all activated via a Long Press command.
So the idea is, that with just one Long Press command, I can deactivate midi delay time sync, toggle to the preset starting point and set the delay time to a standard length.

All of this works perfectly well except for Msg6. Sometimes it works (I found out it works always the first time after I change Msg6 to another control type like release, long press release or back to long press) but most of the time the delay will just stay on the last delay time I set via midi sync.
I also tried to put Msg6 on a different switch of the MC6 to see whether just the three commands wouldn’t work together.
It turns out, that it the message itself works fine, but does not do anything when used directly after Msg4 & 5.

I generaly have the feeling, that the MF104M is quite difficult with switching and accepting different delay-time sources.

Do you know anything about this or have any hint, that might help?

Thanks a lot for you patience.

All the best!

I just found a little trick. It seems like the MF is constantly ignoring Msg6 no matter how often I repeat the command. But if I just sent the same 3 commands as a double tap again afterwards, it works :man_shrugging: I have absolutely no idea why, but if that’s the move it takes I’ll do it :slight_smile:

Oh and one more: I can set Msg7, 8 & 9 to Long Press Release and it works as well, meaning I don’t have to execute to foot-moves

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I’ve got no experience with the Moog but maybe it has trouble processing all the CC commands being sent together? You can try adding a delay message type after Msg5 and see if it helps. This will send all the CC messages until Msg5, then delay for your specified duration, and then continue.

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Hi James, thanks for your reply - I’ll try setting a delay for sure.
It would be weird if that worked though, as I tried sending Msg6 with a separate foot switch command after Msgs 4 & 5 and I didn’t change a thing. For now I’m 100% okay with the solution of sending Msgs 4, 5 & 6 again as Msgs 7, 8 & 9 via a Long Press release, as it doesn’t require any more footwork than the commands I initially wanted to send.
I guess you’re right, that it’s just the MF getting confused with all the CCs being sent together - who can blame it :smiley: