Mooer Ocean Machine

Does anyone know how to BYPASS/ENGAGE the Mooer Ocean Machine FX pedal using a Morningstar Controller?
I cannot find ANY info on this at all.

Also - how to toggle between PRESET mode and PLAY mode?


Single presses on single MC8 buttons only work in ‘Play Mode’ individually,

Trying to completely engage and bypass the Ocean machine with one button press on my MC8 does not work, or works very intermittently and randomly.

This is not published in the manual.

I have tried using looper mode and delay times after presses on the MC8 - it just does not work.

This is most probably like the Strymon ‘Bank Up’ and ‘Bank Down’ scenario, but I cannot seem to make it work.
That’s why its only available on their proprietary control pedal…….

Happy to do some testing on this. I have the Ocean Machine as well and the MC6 so have a go at trying to program this. So are you trying to bypass/engage each reverb/delay module in a preset and the preset play mode for the looper? Apologies if I’ve got that all backwards!

Great! Have a go! ……
I’ve not had much luck as the user manual is very light on MIDI info.
For the moment I have made an empty patch at #PC 24 - and use that on a toggled MC8 button. Current/Empty
I can turn off each of the OM buttons individually in play mode, with a dedicated MC8 switch for each button on the OM.

Sending three #CC messages in one press is very intermittent. The OM expects press/release on each switch - but does not process the multiple #CC’s correctly……

All this can be done with their proprietary foot switch box - but they are not publishing how its done in midi…….