MOOER Expline Expression Pedal - No effective range

Hi, I’ve recently purchased the MC6 Pro and am setting up a MOOER Expline which is a mini powered (9v DC) expression pedal. I have calibrated it via the MIDI Editor and recorded the setup on MC6 Pro as follows…
Exp Type: Voltage Divider
HEEL Down: 271
TOE Down: 1020
Whilst calibrating I can see on the controller that the pedal jumps most values between the HEEL and TOE values above resulting in expression input readings of 0-2% to 97-100% with no working range in the middle (between 2% and 97%). I have tried recalibrating with different sensitivity values, tried different Omniports, and tried different TRS cables, all with the same result.

Note: The Expline has two output ports (RTS and TRS) and I am using the TRS port (I have tried the RTS port but this outputs a fixed value). I have also tried the Expline unpowered which also outputs a fixed value.

Is this expression pedal compatible with the MC6 Pro? Any help greatly appreciated :slight_smile:

The skipping you have observed during calibration does not matter. It is after calibration that matters. After calibrating, do you get a continuous sweep from 0 to 100%?

No, it jumps from 2 % to 97% … I can’t get any value between these :neutral_face:

The manual states that it’s powered. Typically, a passive 10k TRS expression is best. My guess is this one isn’t compatible

Many thanks @moley6knipe. I am quite tight on space to fit an expression pedal on my board so have limited options. Although a bit expensive I’m now thinking of getting the AMT EX-50.

This is passive, fits my board (just), and has a 10k potentiometer so should hopefully work :crossed_fingers:

Have you tried the Mooer with a different Omniport, just to see if you have the same behaviour?

Hi @james, yes I have. No difference I’m afraid.

+1 for the AMT EX50. I’ve had one on my board for over a year, and I’m impressed with it’s durability. (I break things)

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Thanks @Hooper - just the recommend I needed - off to place an order for one :slight_smile:

I just took a look at the Expline manual - did you connect it to the right port? There is a TRS and RTS port on the Expline. You mentioned you connected it to the TRS port, but based on the diagram drawn in their manual, it looks like RTS is the right one (although TRS sounds correct).

You mentioned RTS outputs a fixed value - what does that mean? The exp % does not change at all during calibration?

Hi @james. Hmmm, I can’t remember now if I tried the RTS port or not now sorry. I thought I tried all options (different cables, different Omniports etc) … but maybe I didn’t try that … which was my fail. Unfortunately I’ve returned the pedal now and purchased an AMT EX-50 so I can’t test it out :pensive:. Thank you for taking the time to look into it.

There was slight movement at the heel position (1% to 2%) but it stayed at 2% until very near the toe position where it jumped to 97% and over the last few mm of travel progressed to 100%.