Mono Send / Stereo Return

What is the best way to handle pedals that take a mono input and produce a stereo output?

For example, El Cap v2:

                            > EL CAP RIGHT OUT > RETURN A RING

Let’s say the rest of the loops are all stereo loops and the output is stereo.

Now I have a leftover SEND A RING.
Is there anything I can do with this?
If not, should I just send to the El Cap in stereo to begin with?

Thanks for your help.

You could use it as a dry out for wet dry wet shannanigans :grin:

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I’m in a similar situation and posted a similar question. I’m wondering if it’s going to work for my generation loss mkii or deco v2 as mono->stereo pedals. I’m running a voodoo lab Hex for my mono pedals into the ml10x and as far as I know, I need a mono to stereo pedal to make this transition. If I do so, do I leave it out of the ml10x or include it and run stereo? I was under the impression the ml10x needed trs inputs. Or am I misremembering something?

ML10X can take TS or TRS. Of course if you use TS you’re effectively sacrificing a single input or output channel.

If you include the mono to stereo pedal you will need to make it first in any preset in which you are trying to go true stereo out. You’ll also need to use advanced mode for all of those presets.

I recommend using a pedal between your mono switcher and ML10X and going dual mono into the ML10X. You can use something as simple as a 1 to 2 splitter. It can even be passive if you have a buffer or active pedal anywhere upstream (before) the splitter (which you almost certainly will).

This way you will have the flexibility of two channels to work with in every preset instead of having to split one channel in every preset.

ok, thanks. would something like this work?

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