Momentary shift?


I have noticed that the shift mode doesn’t seem to behave the same as toggle mode for momentary actions. For example, I have created something that looks like this for momentary functions on several presets:

With this setup, I press and hold a footswitch to engage position 2, and when I release it returns to position 1. I just like the visual feedback here - it’s confidence inspiring if my momentary function is maybe a slow ramp of a delay and might not immediately be noticeable.

Now, I am working with presets where I am using position 2 to indicate that a preset is active. EG in a bank set up for a song, I might have 3 presets (intro, chorus, outro). I want the active preset to be indicated with position 2, but I also want to use that same footswitch for a momentary action and use the shift toggle state to change the screen text and colour for visual feedback. Following the same pattern as with position 1 and 2 does not work:

With this arrangement, shift mode does not seem to recognize that a press action is currently happening, so the release action isn’t triggered until I take my foot off the button, press and then release it again. The order of messages also doesn’t seem to have any effect (eg the release being before the press).

Is this a feature or a bug? Are there any alternative approaches I could take to momentarily trigger shift mode?

Ok. I have come up with a workaround. It’s a bit nuts. I have included the preset file for reference.

Here’s how it works:

  • The bank has an on enter action that sets all of the song presets to shift mode.
  • Shift mode is used as the “off” state.
  • Position 1 has a press action that engages toggle, position 2 has a release action that disengages it, allowing for momentarily displaying a message with position 2.
  • An On Disengage action, triggered from both positions, sets the preset back to the shift state.

I haven’t tested this yet, but I should be able to set all my preset activation actions as press actions in the shift state, with the final press action being unshift. I’ll have CCs for momentary effects defined as press actions in position 1, with their “off” cc messages as release actions in position 2.

preset_A_data.json (3.1 KB)