ML5 won't power on

Hi there,

Have been using my ML5 for about 2 years now, has been working fine. However was in the midst of changing my board and I have accidentally dropped it. I am now having a problem whereby it won’t power on even with the power supply plugged in. the DC input also feels a little loose. Could use some help troubleshoot the issue

You can try disassembling the ML5 by:

  1. Removing the backplate
  2. Removing the nuts for the audio jacks

Just check that the ribbon cable connecting the 2 PCB boards isn’t loose.

hi james,

just tried it. doesn’t seem to work. i did also find that it powers on only at certain angles, with the DC input angled downwards.

Hello People, please help me thank you all in advance.
This morning my ML5 waa working and since I was trying to fix my expression pedal, suddenly all lights switch On and I couldnt disangage anything. Then I decided to power off the ML5 and when I tried to power on NOTHING is On. Please let me know whar should I do??
thanks once again