ML5 with MIDI pedals in the loop


I’m quite new to MIDI and just got the MC8. I can’t seem to find the info anywhere, but have been think about getting the ML5 in order to have everything isolated in individual loops. My question is, what if I throw a MIDI capable pedal in a loop and want to use the MIDI functions?

Sorry if the question has been answered before, or otherwise.
Regards, Thomas

In addition to connecting the pedal’s audio input and output to the ML5, you have to connect it’s Midi In to the MC8 or ML5 Midi Out and program the functions you want to perform in the MC8’s presets. Use different Midi Channels to ML5 and the Midi Pedal.

Welcome, Thomas! If it’s at all possible, place the MIDI pedal before or after the ML5 and connect it to the MIDI chain. This way you’re not wasting a spot in your ML5; somehow you always end up needing that one extra loop!