ML5 volume problem

There is a very noticeable volume drop on loop 5 of my ML5. Worked fine until recently. The other loops are all fine.

Any ideas what might be happening?

Try swapping out the cable to see if it is a cable issue.

Have done that and also tried 2 other pedals - same problem

How about when nothing is plugged into Loop 5? that should automatically bypass the loop (signal will still flow through the relay to send and then back to return) even when it is engaged.

Can you email us a video of this issue, as well as your order number if you bought directly from us so we can check on the warranty?

Hi James - thanks for your reply - sorry have been away and not able to test it till now. Whatever was happening has resolved itself - no idea why. But your logic makes sense and if it happens again I know where to start.

Thanks again