Ml5 tuner noise through loop

I’ve read the post about the TU3 passing noise through the ML5. When I set my TU3 in loop d with no return cable I get horrendous noise when tuning. With a cable to the return the noise is quiter but still there. I’ve never had this problem with other loop switchers. Is this normal and if so what should I just go buy in order to have something that works.

Is there a reason you need the tuner in a loop? can you just put it before or after the ML5? I can’t think of a reason you would want to pull the tuner in/out of the loop

I place it in a loop to take it out of the direct signal path.

But, seeing as that doesn’t work so well I have taken your advice and taken it out of the loop.
Thank you.

I believe the Boss TU-3 buffer is pretty good - it’ll probably help your board in the long run unless you have a higher quality input buffer.

It makes sense to me that only having the send plugged in would make the noise, but I can’t think of a reason why having both cables plugged in would cause any noise.

Do you have your ML5 and the TU-3 both plugged into isolated power outputs? Daisy chaining or using the power out on the TU-3 to power something else may be causing your noise

Bugger , I’ve got to place the TU3 in a loop. I’m using a Splawn Nitro that’s super sensitive to buffered signals. The TU buffer adds extremely unpleasant spikey high end to the signal, so much so that I was on the verge of sending the amp to Melbourne for a mod before I tried bypassing the pedal board.
Such is Life…

Ahh… that makes sense.

If you’re using isolated power outputs I can’t think of why you’d be getting noise issues when using both a send and return cable (may I ask what power supply you’re using? Sometimes cheaper power supplies that are advertised as isolated aren’t actually isolated).

I don’t have a TU3 but maybe @james might have one that he can test with?

One other solution I can think of is to swap the Boss TU3 out for a TC electronic polytune 3 (or some other true bypass tuner pedal) - the TC tuner is switchable between true bypass and buffered (so you could have it out of a loop but it wouldn’t affect your signal when off).

I’m using an MXR iso brick PS , also tried with a Carl Martin powerbank. No noise in front of ML5, noise when in loop. I’ll just have to get over it. Less whinging more playing.