ML5 stopped working properly with MIDI

Hi All,

I have a ML5 and MC6 and after a while I started to notice weird behaviours like calling presets that used to work well on the MC6 would now do random stuff on the ML5 and the following pedals, like sometimes not doing anything when changing preset on the MC6, or change stuff that is not programmed in the MC6 preset, even the expression pedal started to sometimes change presets on the Collider when it was only programmed to act as an expression pedal. All pedals are on their dedicated MIDI channel. No USB is connected.
I first thought it was a MC6 problem, so I installed the latest firmware (i was under v3.8.7 and installed v3.11.1) and did a factory reset. It seemed to work on the moment, and definitely fixed some bugs (I didn’t have the Expression pedal preset changing behaviour after this) but the next day, it started acting randomly again, very much like in this topic, except for the powering up problems : [Solved] Trouble with MC8 and ML5 - #18 by james
So I thought it might be the ML5 not working properly and not sending MIDI either.

I started trying troubleshooting individual elements :

  • I changed MIDI cables : didn’t work
  • I turned Off Cross Midi Through, to avoid problems when I had to plug the USB on MC6 to troubleshoot.
  • I changed the order of the pedals : it was MC6 > ML5 > SA Collider > Meris Enzo, and I tried MC6 > SA Collider > ML5 > Enzo : Collider seemed to work, not ML5.
  • I tried pluging only the ML5 : didn’t work
  • I tried removing ML5 from the chain : everything seemed to work fine except for one little detail that I can mention later.
  • I tried reverting to Fiirmware 3.8.7, and then back to 3.11.1 when I saw it didn’t change anything.
  • So from there, I did a factory reset on the ML5, but it didn’t seem to change much. Changing the MIDI channel on the ML5 took most of the time several trials. Recording a preset didn’t work anymore (the Learn light kept flashing even when receiving a CC or PC on the desired channel. I tried to leave it on the channel one and changed the channels in the MC6 presets, but still no way to record a preset, and when it seemed to have recorded it, it didn’t always recall it when sending this PC back to it, and it had a very random behaviour on the CC#0 value 0 (bypass all loops), it bypassed some and activated others, randomly.
  • I tried sending those messages from a computer to the ML5 only : still random behaviour
  • I tried changing the values like changing PC#0 to PC#15 or use values of 25, 35 etc… on CC#0 : didn’t work

So I think there must be a problem with the ML5, or at least, I don’t know what to test anymore.
I have a gig in 1 Month from now, and I would very much like to have it working as I would have to change the whole setup if it doesn’t.

((As for the little problem I was talking about before (probably off topic), when the ML5 was out of the Chain, I noticed sending 2 CC messages to the Source Audio Collider at the same time seems to have weird results. I was sending bypass Engine A and bypass Engine B on 2 CCs with a Press action for both and it only bypassed Engine A, and after several presses also Engine B.
I could only get them to bypass at the same time and on every try by bypassing Engine A with a Press, and bypassing Engine B with a Release, I havent tried to test more, but I feel like it’s more of a Collider limitation or “frequency of scanning messages” that avoids some messages received at the same time, because everything seems to work fine when the ML5 is out of the chain.))

Any advice, particularly on the ML5 problem, will be appreciated

Many thanks !

I don’t know on the ML5, sorry, but this thread Midi "press" not working but "release" works - #5 by james also seems to indicate Collider may have problems with rapid successions of messages….

Thanks !
It seems to confirm what I thought. Idk why but I feel like the midi side of the Collider isn’t the most reliable part of the pedal…totally subjective though, I would have to make more tests to have a definitive opinion on that.

The Collider needs time to process each midi command. When sending a message to change preset, it needs a moment to then influence the state. I find it best to use the 105 to 108 recall states in the first instance then toggle from there. I’ve never used the midi Thru functionality on it as a midi splitter removes any dependency on individual pedals.