ML5 Stop working NO Power Oh Lord Help!

Hello People,
please help me thank you all in advance.
This morning my ML5 was working and since I was trying to fix my expression pedal, suddenly all lights lit On and I couldnt disengage anything. Then I decided to power off the ML5 and when I tried to power On no power at all. Please let me know what should I do?
thanks once again

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i have an email today from Morningstar
Adilson Obelard,

Sorry to hear that the ML5 has stopped working. This is certainly a very rare occurrence. The fastest way we can resolve this issue is to send you a brand new ML5 controller PCB via express priority shipping. You can the PCB just by unscrewing some screws and unplugging one ribbon cable. Is that something you would be comfortable with?

Warm regards,

Brandon Harris

Morningstar Engineering

solution< Hello Adilson ObelardBapta,
We have received your Morningstar Engineering order! Thank you for your purchase.

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