ML5 - stereo loops?

Anyone using two loops for switching a stereo box? Any timing issues? Phase? Or does it just work? I haven’t tried it since I’d have to rip apart a built board… so pardon the Lazy Web solution of asking here.


This is not going to work…whatever you do in between the IN and OUT of the ML5 doesn’t really matter since the OUT is mono and you’ll only get a mono signal.

Non of the Morningstar products are signal routing products (like regular loop switchers) but midi devices/tools…

I had not thought this through enough. Thanks.

can you not use two ML5’s for stereo loops ? I have been looking into morningstar midi and I run a stereo rig. I have at present a loop switcher that will do stereo loops, but want to switch to midi switching and control of pedals. this is the question that is holding me back from making the purchase.