ML5 output to 2 amps

This is potentially a really dumb question, but I see in the manual that the ML5 can be used as an A/B with two guitars, but can you use it to send to two different amps? I.e., can you just use the send to go out to another amp, or does the loop require that the signal return to the ML5?

Yes, the ML5 can be used as an A/B for two different amps however there’s a couple of caveats:

  • The main out will feed one amp. Using Loop 5 (or one of the other loops) may incur a ground loop as the flip flop is on the send, not the return, so a shorted jack needs to be used for the return.

  • The ML5 doesn’t have a ground lift or phase switch so the second amp will likely require a device to accommodate either feature.