Ml5 not responding to midi. Twice had to Reset

Hi there.

I’m having problems with the ml5. Twice already, it stopped responding to midi messages from the mc8.
I had to reset it to factory default for it to work again.
This started happening shortly after I’ve upgraded to v3.9 with the latest editor.
Are you familiar with this? Is this a bug? Is there a way to solve this or is the unit faulty?


My ML5 has been behaving erratically lately, as well, although it still responds most of the time. I have yet to pinpoint the trigger.

Are you able to replicate this issue? Was the MC6 connected to the editor when this occurred?

Im thinking whether it has anything to do with sysex messages somehow. It is ok if i send you a firmware which disables the sysex from the Din5 out and let me know if the issue still occurs for you? That will help us in troubleshooting the issue

Hi James.

The mc8 was not connected to the editor.
This occurred when I hooked up my pedal board for sound check.
It happens on its own and I wasn’t able replicate it.

I’ll be happy to try your suggestion.
Mind you, I’m not using the midi out Din from the unit.


Ah ok, then how is the ML5 connected to the MC8? Via the Omniports?

The I’m using the din connector from the out of the mc8 into the din input of the ml5.
The output of the ml5 is not I use.

I am also using omniport a to send midi messages to
A strymom volante.

ah ok. when you said you’re not using midi out din from the unit, i thought you were referring to the MC8. so the MC8 is connected directly to the ML5 right?

which version of v3.9 are you using? i’ll compile one that disables sysex and see if the issue still occurs

so the MC8 is connected directly to the ML5 right? - yes!

I’m using 3.9.4

Thanks for the info.

I have compiled a v3.9.7 version with SysEx disabled in the MIDI OUT here:

Compared to v3.9.4 it contains a list of bug fixes + some minor enhancements, but nothing should be breaking.

I realised you said you had to reset it to factory default. Does power-cycling the unit not work? If it happens again, and power cycling does not work, can you just reset the MIDI Channel just to confirm that that isnt the issue?

2022-01-10_MC8_Firmware_v_3_9_7_BETA_SYSEX_DISABLED.hex (595.5 KB)

Thanks James.
Power cycling means to disconnect power and turn on again?
If so than no, it doesn’t fix it.
I have to do a hard reset with a,c,e on power up.

I will upload the version you’ve sent me tomorrow.

Was this issue ever addressed? I had a weird problem with my ML5 when connected to the editor, I owe you the file for my controller settings [ MC8 not sending MIDI thru ML5 when toggling editor off to preview changes unless I power cycle - #7 by cosmicevan ] I’ll work to get an update posted here tomorrow. Been down and out the past week or so.