ML5 not receiving MIDI post power off

Hi there!
Just bought a brand new ML5 for my pedal board and I am using an HX stomp to control it.
My midi chain is Hx stomp (channel 1) → Strymon Timeline (channel 2) -->walrus audio R1 (channel 3) → the ML5 (channel 4).

It was working well once I got it setup. As soon as I powered down my board and plugged it back in, the ML5 stopped responding to any midi messages sent on any channel. I fixed this once by plugging it directly into the HX stomp to and reset the midi channel back to 4. I was then able to reconnect the other midi devices in-between while the power was on. This worked, but the same issue occurred as soon as a unplugged the board again.

I’m very new to midi, I could be doing something very obvious but am unsure.

Cheers, Ben

If, while the ML5 is in a state where it is not responding to MIDI messages, you power cycle the ML5, does the issue resolve?

If so, can you try removing the Timeline from the MIDI chain (so HX Stomp >> R1 >> ML5) and then test again (power cycle your board), and then the R1 from the MIDI chain (HX stomp >> Timeline >> ML5). In which instance does it not work? Sounds like maybe on power up, one of these devices is sending out something which is causing the ML5 to not respond to any messages after.

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That’s great!

Yeah my R1 is clearly the problem! Just put it at the end of my chain and my problem is solved.

Thanks so much @james! I was not expecting such a fast turn around.

Cheers, Ben