Ml5 midi issues

Hello everyone,
My ml5 stop taking midi commands from the ml8. I’ve tried new cables and all. If I push the buttons on the ml5 everything turns on and off. It just will not except midi controlled changes. I also did a factory reset.
Anyone have any ideas?
Thank you for reading

Can you share what CC messages you are sending to the ML5? Have you tried PC messages and see if those work?

Just FYI that there are 2 Modes for the MIDI CC implementation:

Tried both cc commands. The mc8 works perfectly with my fractal, however not with the ml5. It was all working and I was getting ready for some gigs. I’m not sure what is next with the ml5. I really dig little device.

Hi James,
I’m currently having this issue; the ML5 does not respond at all.
I put the ML5 on my board 2days ago and it stopped responding to MIDI messages today.

My MIDI Chain is

When I bypass the ML5 all other components of the chain work as expected.

Kindly assist.

Does the ML5 still pass MIDI messages thru to the other devices?

Unfortunately it does not.

if the midi thru does not work, and if you’ve made sure there’s nothing wrong with the cables, then probably the midi IN is faulty. can you email us about this with your order number and serial number?

Mine doesn’t pass MIDI Thru either.
Sent the requested details via email.

I don’t think we received any email from you. Did you send it to

Hi James,
I’ve sent multiple emails; resent them.
Please check again.

Serial number is ML5-11636
Thank you for your help.

Seems you’re not getting my mails.
The serial number of the ML5 is ML5-11545

@mtsokoya I’ve received your email and just replied you.

@Mstoner40 can you email us your order number?

Got your mail and replied.
Looking forward to your response.

My Order # is 105171. I hope this helps.
Thank you so much James.

Sorry, can you send us an email please? To That way, a ticket will be created and we can follow up from there on next steps.

Sent you the email with order number.