ML5 Midi Issue with Specular Tempus

I seem to be having a conflict between my Specular Tempus and the ML5.

Midi Path
Pirate Midi Bridge 6 – HX Stomp – Strymon Big Sky – ML5 – Specular Tempus

Signal Path
ML5 (various drives in the loops) – HX Stomp – Specular Tempus and Big Sky are in effects loop of the HX Stomp

When I send a Midi command to both the Specular Tempus and the ML5 then I can hear the delay repeats of the Specular Tempus pitch shift as if the tempo was changed.

Even if the Midi commands don’t actually change anything, the commands verify the Specular Tempus isn’t bypassed and turn on the same ML5 loops that are already on. I could upload a video but it doesn’t look like I Have the option on the forum.

If I remove the ML5 from the chain then I don’t have the issue. I have verified the Specular Tempus is up to date and that silent switch is enabled on all of the ML5 loops.

Anyone have any ideas?