ML5 midi implementation enhancement

We have already this kind of messages
CC 0 with Values 0-63 Bypasses all loops
and Values 64-127 Engages all loops.
CC 1 to 5 (corresponds with Loops A to E) Values 0-63 Bypasses the individual loop
Values 64-127 Engages the individual loop.
CC 6- to 10 (corresponds with loops A to E) Any value toggles the individual loop on and off.

Could we have some CCs (11 to 15) to bypass any individual loop IF AND only it is engaged.
And the corresponding CCs (16 to 20) to engage any individual loop IF AND only if it is bypassed.


I’m not in a place to test, but wouldn’t sending a bypass command to a turned off loop just do nothing and vice versa? What’s your planned use case?

You are right, it seems that I missed something, :slight_smile:
Let me think twice and come back.