ML5 Midi Chain Order

I had a few questions about any requirements or recommendations for Midi Chain order with an ML5.

  1. Do I need to connect it directly to Midi out on the MC8 or can it come after another MIDI pedal? i.e. I would ideally connect the Midi Out from my MC8 to my BigSky then connect the Bigsky to the ML5 and then to the rest of my chain. I know this typically does not matter but it seems like everyone has the ML5 as the first connection to the MC8.

  2. Any issues with leaving a loop unused? I only need to connect 4 pedals to the ML5.


The ML5 can go anywhere in the midi chain although my preference is to use a midi splitter but it’s not mandatory.

Loops can be left empty as long as they’re not active or the signal chain will be muted.

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Thank you. If I am chaining 4 pedals in series after the controller via 5 pin, and controlling an additional 2 pedals via TRS, will there be any noticeable latency in MIDI clock sync? I would route like this:

[5 PIN]:
MC8 → BigSky → ML5 → Timeline → EHX 1440 Looper

MC8 1 → CBA Gravitas
MC8 2 → CBA Thermae

Not sure if I would need to get something like a Quadra Thru to reduce any potential Clock sync issues.


There shouldn’t be any noticeable latency but it depends on the individual pedals midi mapping. getting the signal to the pedals should be super quick. The Quadra thru or Kenton Thru5 will minimise any potential issues but there are examples of many people successfully daisy chaining.

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