ML5 latency issue

I just set up the ML5 with my analog ODs and I’m experiencing an minimal latency although I’ve went with the shortest delay in the switching timing. Is this normal?
It’s really a very very very small latency, but it somehow drives me nuts :smiley:

What midi controller are you using? Regarding the delay, are you referring to the delay when it you send the message and it switches, or are you referring to the audio mute when switching?

Hi James,
I’m using the MC8.
It’s rather a very short latency in audio. I already turned off the mute switiching and use the shortest delay in switching time…

Do you have any double press messages programmed in your MC8 preset? There is a very slight delay in MIDI messages being sent out from the MC8, depending on your switch sensitivity setting, or whether there is a double tap action in your preset. You can try increasing the sensitivity to maximum, or try entering Looper mode on the MC8, and see if that helps.

Hmm, I have the sensitivity on 1, so highest. And no double press messages programmed. It’s only a bank of drives connected to the ML5.

What I noticed: since I connected the Timeline and Specular Tempus via the ML5 and not directly to the MC8, I notice a slight switching latency and clicking sound when choosing presets on the devices

Just to clarify, sensitivity 1 is the lowest. 5 is the highest. I think you would definitely sense a delay on setting 1.

Sorry, James. I mixed up stuff. I thought it was on the highest setting (not sure why my head thought 1=highest), but after actually checking the device, I’ve seen that the MC8’s sensitivity was set to 4. I’ve increased it to 5 now. The latency is definitely better…but the clicking sound is still there. Any idea how to fix that? Thanks a lot!

Edit: one more thing…when sensitivity is set to 5, it’s basically impossible to use B+C to toggle page…any workaround here?

Where is the clicking sound coming from? You can pinpoint the device by isolating each one. You are referring to a clicking sound in the audio signal right, and not in the ML5 itself?

Yes, when switch sensitivity is set to 5, it is hard to do dual switch presses, as both switches must be pressed down at exactly the right time. You can program a preset to do the toggle page, or use an external aux switch to control the bank up/down and toggle page functions.

Instead of setting the switch sensitivity to 5, you can program a preset to engage Looper mode as well, which is similar to setting the switch sens to 5. You can exit looper mode as well, which returns the switch sensitivity to your current setting.

Will find a way to work without the page toggle or find a workaround…but the latency is far more important.

Yeah, I mean a clicking sound in my audio signal…I noticed it since I installed the ML5 (I don’t mean the clicking of the ML5 itself). I also hear this when I e.g. only change a preset on the Timeline (so, no effects used that are connected to the ML5).