ML5: is it possible to "overstrain" the looper?

since i had a problem with midi clock, which i found out was a problem of not having “midi clock persist” activated in the controllers configurations, i was “jumping from set to set extremly” to watch if there is any issues with the midi clock while changing presets on the strymon (mobius and timeline). thats why ended up kinda “rushing” over the presets. i then expierienced that my ML5 just went “out of the game”. it was in a state where it didnt react to activate any loop, on any bank of the MC8, just the learn button was enlighten. i was confused restarted and then jumped between 2 presets to see if this happens again. well it did, after a period of time of jumping between this to presets every 0,5-1 second. Until suddenly all 5 loops were enlighten and with the next press on the presetbutton, the whole ML5 went “out of the game again”.

well i know thats kinda a dumb question and behavior, since you´d never ever rush so much presets in every second in any kind of setting. but im curious if thats a “regular” behavior, showing such overflow could overstrain the ML5? which i wouldnt be suprised about, cause i guess every device would. or is this not “normal”

sorry for doing such a dumb thing, just curious…

Not specific to the ML5 but I’ve found some devices don’t queue (buffer) Midi messages very well, or at all. Some devices respond to the immediate message received but then ignores or cannot handle messages received during the period of enacting that change. What then happens is another message is sent when the device is back in ‘listening mode’ and it reacts to that. There’s a delay message feature in MC’s to combat this.

I don’t know the technicalities why the device might stall.

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Just to clarify, is the issue you are facing is that when sending MIDI clock, the ML5 stops responding after a while?

Is it possible to share a video of this happening?

I don’t think MIDI clock will affect the ML5. But if you are sending very large SysEx messages then yes is it possible that issues might occur when the the ram buffer overflows.

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Hello @james !
i think its not caused by sending MIDI Clock. Much more i discovered it while had problems troubleshooting why my strymons didnt continue recieving MIDI clock informations when switching from preset A to preset B on the TimeLine for example, throughout the song.

my ML5 runs seperated on a exp out. while all my strymons run through the normal midi 5 pin output.
when i rapidly jumped between to presets on the MC8 i noticed the ML5 was not responding anymore.
I tried to recreate it, but somehow its acts different every time i “force it”. Last night after 1 hour of playing the ML5 just didnt react to the MC8 anymore. After restarting anything worked fine. The only video ive been able to shoot, where i try to force it, shows me jumping between 2 presets and the ML5 suddenly enlightens all 5 loops. the first time i discovered it, the ML5 didnt response after all 5 loops enlightened. This time it does. i dont quite know if its supposed to react like that or if its really an information or ram buffer overflow?

is there a way i can send you the video?

Yes you can email us the video at and just include the URL to this forum thread.

Possible to troubleshoot by putting the ML5 in the DIN5 Output loop, does the same issue still occur?

I have had ML5 stop responding a few times, only at home rehearsing thankfully. In my case I ‘think’ it is caused by me accidentally touching the usb cable to the power socket when plugging it in to, or unplugging it from, MC8. I have 3 Monkeys custom power cables and have not put the insulation on the metal connectors yet.

All that to say, ML5 ignoring MIDI can and does happen for whatever reason. Fixed by a power cycle.

I’m using the DIN plug for ML5.


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