ML5 - how many presets?

Hello there,

I don’t find any information about the number of presets we can save in the ML5?

For my use case, I have Strymon pedals connected together with their 300 presets.
They are on the same channel: when I change the preset 1b from the timeline, the mobius goes to the 1b too. I use the preset A (left) for verse and the B (right) for chorus
I want to connect a ML5 to the mobius with the THRU midi output, so that I could use my analog pedals. But I don’t know if it could do the job, with the 300 presets?

Where are stored the ML5 presets?

Thanks for you reply

There are a total of 128 presets. With 5 loops, the maximum number of unique combinations is just 32.

If possible, you should set the ML5 to a different MIDI Channel so you can control it independently from your Strymons.

128 is enough, I thought it could be less

So 2 possibilities:
1 - WITHOUT midi switcher - SAME channel: I can’t do what I want until the the 63b on the strymon. It’s good for me. 2 presets by song (chorus, verse)
2 - WITH midi switcher - DIFFERENT channels: less limits, I just have to buy a MCx. It will be next step

Thanks :slight_smile: