ML5 front pedals w/effects loop pedals?

I have the following chain pedals in front of pre-amp:
volume → wah → drive (hard) → drive (soft) → noise gate

I have the following in send/return effects loop:
noise gate → delay (ML6 Midi → ML5 Midi → Midi In) → reverb

Can I have both drives be loop A & B…then my delay and reverb loops C & D? I want to turn on/off certain loops at different points in the chain.

If you have the drives in loops A & B and the effects in C & D this will not work, the effects would get the output of the drives as their input.

If you can live with just 4 usable loops, I guess you could move the effects to loops D & E and use loop C as an always on loop.
Loop C send → noise gate → pre-amp → fx loop out → noise gate → Loop C return

The bonus of this is that you can also easily switch to a set-up with all the pedals in front of the amp by simply disengaging Loop C and connecting the output of ML5 to the front of the amp.

Thank you so much for reply Tom93. Yes, I can live with an always on Loop C.

I guess I have two questions because I’m confused with the pre-amp → fx loop (Send) out on Loop C part.

  1. Would ML5 Output still remain in main pre-amp Input? Or, does Loop C 1st noise gate pedal output to pre-amp Input? Assuming the latter.
  2. Would Loop E return be last pedal output and ML5 Output to FX Return?
  1. Indeed the latter, Loop C goes to the front of the amp.
    Loop C send → noise gate → pre-amp (front of amp) → fx loop out → noise gate → Loop C return

  2. Correct!

I am not sure whether this is intended use of the ML5, but I am pretty confident it should work. Good luck!

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Thanks. Yes, this worked! It got a little confusing once trying to find the correct PC Number for certain switch combos with the pedals in the Effects Loop. For example, switch D = #8 and E = #16 PC Numbers. It wasn’t just 1 - 5 PC Numbers. But, maybe it’s cause I’m new to this loop switcher.

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I don’t have an ML5 but is it this setting causing that?

Probably other people who know the product much better than I to comment. I guess it’s certainly possible the different modes effects the toggling…but I thought the CC Number and PC Number are different things. In my case, I’m using single row message PC Numbers to program Midi preset channel. I have it working now so I don’t know that I care to experiment to find out. Lol.

I’ve had a couple of questions come in via email about this so I’ll just “formalize” some info here. @Tom93 suggestion is correct.

Here’s a bad drawing of the signal chain in the ML5, where the signal flows in series from Loop A to E.

If you want to use the Amp IN and FX Loop, you can split the loops, but Loop C needs to always be left on.

If Loops C is turned off, then it will be the same as connecting the guitar through the effects and then to the FX Return.

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Yes, this diagram is correct. C loop must be on the entire time to work. The only details I will add is on my Loop C.

I have two Noise Gate pedals in Loop C (one is for front pedal chain, second within effects loop). My second Noise Gate has two inputs and two outputs which help tie into the amp input, effects loop send, back to Return [C]. I would think the pedal in Loop C must have dual input/outputs so it can tie into amp input & FX Send. Keep in mind the main output has to go back to ML5 C Return.

        (guitar out) --> amp input

Send [C] → NG1 → (guitar in) NG2 (decimator out) → Return [C]
FX Send → (decimator in)