Ml5 faulty unit

Hi I have purchased the ml5, and run it via a midi file player to turn on and off my pedals

It was working ,although it would turn on A and B even though the command was only for A I did not worry as I had no pedal in B , only using A C and E

What has happened now is that the learn light keeps turning on and off while playing a song.

Causing sound variations and making it impossible to used. The unit is only a couple of months old.

Please advise.

Thanks Ken

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hi there,

Can you let us know more information about what kind of midi messages you are sending the ML5, as well as your midi signal chain setup? it just sounds like the ML5 is responding to MIDI messages that are sent on it’s channel

Hi I’m sending patch messages to the morningstar. Example acc grand piano to turn on A then clarinet to turn the unit off
I also send on another track message to a Boss OD 200.
And on another pedal board messages to a Boss MD 200
All on separate channels the OD 200 is on channel 1
The MD 200 is on channel 6
The morningstar is on channel 16.
Was working no problem till tonight then the glitch…
Whilst playing the song the other pedals are turn on or off , hope this helps.

Thanks for the info.

Can you just verify that your ML5 is still on the correct MIDI channel? i.e. try setting it again to channel 16 and see if it helps. What controller are you sending the MIDI messages from? Can you try connecting the ML5 directly to the controller and see if the issue still persists? (just to rule out any unknown MIDI data being sent from other devices in the MIDI chain)

The ML5 will only respond to MIDI messages sent on its MIDI channel - that is what the software is programmed to do, and it won’t randomly switch loops if it is not programmed to. So I just want to rule out the above scenarios first.

Thanks for your patience!

Have resert it to factory then set it to channel 16 no change .
Will try your other suggestions when I get back home

Thanks, let me know. Can you also possibly try to set it to a different channel (like 15) and see if it helps?

Hi James got back home and now it is working will run through some tunes and see what happens , could be intermittent fault.

G’Day James all working so far some times A & B turn on when only requesting A, the other problem is okay at the moment.