ML5 Enclosure Screw Size

I need to replace the 4 enclosure screws. Anyone aware of what the screw specification is for the ML5 enclosure? Length pitch and diameter?


So, you’re saying James indicates the MC6 uses M3 screws with a 5mm length. So M3-<?> x5?

What is the thread pitch (the question mark above, <?>)?

Important for me: Are you saying the MC6 case screws are the same spec as the ML5 case screws?
…because Im trying to source ML5 compatible screws.


Oh sorry, I misread ML5 as MC6, my bad. Don’t know the answer in such case… I’m sure MS will be along with an answer for you!

Thanks @ moley6knipe!

If for some reason someone needing the same information stumbles across this thread

Thanks to James, here’s the full specs:
Thread diameter: 3
Pitch: 0.5
Head diameter: 4.4-47mm
Head thickness: 1.3mm
Length: 4mm