ML5 bugged out and stopped changing loops mid-set

This morning I was using my MC8 with my ML5 and the ML5 suddenly stopped listening to the midi data coming out of the MC8 - pressing a footswitch didn’t change any loops as it should have. I turned my entire board off and back on again and everything started working normally. Has anyone had this issue before?

I’m hoping it’s just a fluke, as I haven’t had this issue in the 8/9 months I’ve been using the ML5.

If it matters, I’m controlling the ML5 through an omniport and a vertex effects Midi TRS- din 5 type A cable

If the TRS cable or adapter is faulty and leading to the tip or ring being shorter to the sleeve intermittently, it could cause an issue like that. Hard to say but if it happens again, you might want to consider changing the cable and then see if it helps