ML10X v1.2 Beta Firmware

New features

  • Button Lock function to disable all the buttons on the ML10X

    • Go to Menu >> Global Settings >> Set button lock to turn it on. Once you exit the menu, all buttons will be disabled.
    • If active, and to disengage it, hold down the menu button for >1.5 seconds and then release the button to access the menu. Navigate to the Button lock setting to turn it off.
  • Stereo Out in Simple Mode

    • If in simple mode, and Output Ring is not used, the connections from Output Tip will be mirrored to Output Ring automatically so you can get Stereo Out in simple mode.


20221212_ML10X_v1_2_0.hex (352.1 KB)

Hi @james , applying the button lock appears to have knocked something out of sync as the ring output option disappears from the preset. I tried updating to the latest beta and restarting the device and even re-adding the outputs but it doesn’t want to play ball. Reverting to the previous 1.1.2 beta return the correct functionality/view.

Beta button-lock:

Beta 1.1.2:

Thanks for reporting this. I think it is related to the Stereo Out in Simple Mode feature. Will check it out!