ML10X v1.2 Beta Firmware

New features

  • Button Lock function to disable all the buttons on the ML10X

    • Go to Menu >> Global Settings >> Set button lock to turn it on. Once you exit the menu, all buttons will be disabled.
    • If active, and to disengage it, hold down the menu button for >1.5 seconds and then release the button to access the menu. Navigate to the Button lock setting to turn it off.
  • Stereo Out in Simple Mode

    • If in simple mode, and Output Ring is not used, the connections from Output Tip will be mirrored to Output Ring automatically so you can get Stereo Out in simple mode.


20221212_ML10X_v1_2_0.hex (352.1 KB)

Hi @james , applying the button lock appears to have knocked something out of sync as the ring output option disappears from the preset. I tried updating to the latest beta and restarting the device and even re-adding the outputs but it doesn’t want to play ball. Reverting to the previous 1.1.2 beta return the correct functionality/view.

Beta button-lock:

Beta 1.1.2:

Thanks for reporting this. I think it is related to the Stereo Out in Simple Mode feature. Will check it out!

what would it look like to set up stereo out in simple mode in the editor?