ML10X update versions 1.1.2A vs 1.1.3 Beta?

What is the difference between v1.1.2A released on the 14th November and v1.1.3 which was possibly released as a Beta on 10th October?

Will I lose anything updating to 1.1.2A?

Interested in differences between firmware versions as well. About to do firmware update this week. Ty!

The only difference now is that there is the experimental “Input split” feature in the global controller settings.

This feature allows you to run a stereo signal in Simple Mode with a mono input (Input Tip) by splitting the Input Tip signal into 2 and discarding the Input Ring signal.

If you have the “rev B” version then that feature is included in the loaded firmware.

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So there’s no real benefit of going 1.1.2A if 1.1.3B is being used successfully?

Yes, there is no other benefit yet. We’re still working on other features.

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