ML10X parallel stereo synths

Hello everyone!

I’m trying to make a pedalboard configuration where I can insert my pedalboard on either (or none) of 2 stereo synths, and still have them on seperate outputs for our FOH to mix. I have uploaded a diagram of my intended signal flow.

It needs to be MIDI-controllable/automatable by my MC8 and right now I think the ML10X is the only thing I can find that can potentially do this.

Can anyone confirm that this would be possible? This would require utilizing one of ML10X’s send/returns as an additional stereo output. Would there be any problems doing this? I’m thinking output level/impedance etc.

Would really appreciate any clarification as to whether this is possible, before I try and hunt down an ML10X on eBay!

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Here are some screenshots of presets that I’m thinking of:

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Yes, you can use the ML10X Send/Returns as additional inputs and outputs, but do note that if you use a loop’s Return port as an input, then that same loop’s Send port cannot be used.

From your screenshots, yes it will work. The only thing you’d be missing out from not using an actual Output is the delay trails in simple mode when switching presets.

Great! Thank you so much for the quick reply James :slight_smile:

And yes, I’m aware it would render 1 send port and 1 return port unusable…

Looking forward to the September restock then :crossed_fingers:

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James- Why do you lose the output if you use the the insert as an input?

Hi, because the output is a ‘send’ and the input is a ‘return’ if you use the return as an input the send becomes a dead end

Thanks. I guess I assumed it could still Send from another signal being routed to it.

It’s more of a logic thing where in the editor, in advanced mode, you’ll see that each loop has a send and return. Technically, any input and output can be used independently

To be clear. In advanced mode do you lose the output or is that still available for whatever you want?

Hi James

Would that mean that I could use only 1 s/r physical in/out for the second synthesizer?
For example, use the Send A Tip/ring as Output B L/R and Return A tip/ring as Input B L/R? Even though it would “look weird” in the editor?

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