ML10x MIDI message type not working from MC8?

I’m sure this is user error on my part, but when I’m trying to send an ML10x MIDI message from a preset on my MC8 nothing happens in my ML10x and nothing shows up in the MC8 MIDI monitor. My ML10x is set to MIDI channel 9 but I noticed there is no channel option for this message type. I tried putting it back on channel 1 but that didn’t help. I have the device id set to Global on my ML10x via the editor. Is there something obvious I’m forgetting?

is the loop you want to toggle part of the preset in the ML10X? if not, there will be no effect.

MIDI channel is only used for PC and CC messages, while the Device ID is used for the ML10X message type on the MC. If you have it set to global then it should be fine.

Hey James, thanks that makes total sense and solved my issue!