ML10x Message Type Name in MC6 Pro Editor

Hi James,

I’ve been using the MC6 Pro for a while now (it’s great!) and have an ML10x on order due to arrive in the next few days. I’ve been playing about in the editors in preparation and noticed that while I can name the loops on the ML10x Editor I can’t on the MC6 Pro editor.

For example in the attached screenshot it would be nice to be able to globally name the loops if I’m using the MC6 Pro to send messages to the ML10x in Simple mode. Hope that makes sense.

You can’t name the loops in the MC6 PRO editor but if you have both the MC6 PRO and ML10X connected in different tabs in the same browser, the names will be synced from the ML10X editor to the MC6P editor


Thanks for getting back to me so quickly James.

Good to know. I am waiting on my ML10x and I would have kept both windows open anyways to see how each is affected.

Is this the case for preset names as well, so that you can see the name of the ML10X presets when selecting those presets in the MC6 Pro editor?

Not for preset names, but sound doable and we can look into that.

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