ML10X loop bypass dis-engage issue

I am trying to work out a set of 5 drive pedals that can be selected separately or stacked (with long press). This works perfectly sometimes but sometimes it just seems to work unpredictably. Like maybe I have something off slightly.

Message 1 Position 1 (Release) - Engage Pedal
Message 2 Position 2 (Release) - Dis-engage Pedal
Message 3 Position 1 (Release) - Set Toggle (Disengage all other presets)
Message 4 Position 1 (Long Press on Release) - Engage Pedal (so as to add to what’s already there)

Seems to work fine except sometimes it doesn’t dis-engage the loop when other pedals are still on. I can’t figure out what I’m missing.

Thanks in advance!

Here’s an update. The issue seems to be when I have one drive pedal on and try to simple press another pedal. When I press pedal 2, I would assume that the pedal 1 will turn off. It stays on unless I turn pedal 1 off before engaging pedal 2.

Sounds like its how you’re setting up the preset in the MC. Which controller are you using? Can you share a screenshot of your settings in the editor?

Yes, on the MC6 Pro.

I am trying to …

  • have a regular press select a pedal
  • select another pedal and the other one disengages
  • long press a pedal and it adds a pedal to anything already engaged
  • long press a pedal and leave only it engaged.

Thanks, James. You’re a jedi!

Thanks for the info.

Just to clarify, the Set Toggle messages just changes the toggle states of the selected presets, and does not actually engage them. If you want to trigger another preset to send some MIDI out, you should use the “Engage Preset” message instead.


You can add a “On Disengage” action in the preset so that when you

Selecting another preset will trigger a disengage on the previous preset and send out some MIDI message to disengage a pedal.

Do let me know if you need more info regarding ths.