ML10X issues engaging pedals in presets

My MC6 pro is able to communicate with my ML10X to recall presets (my ML10X is first in the chain) but won’t engage any pedals. can anyone tell what i could possibly be doing wrong. i made sure all my cables are routed correctly but i can check again.

Can you share the signal chain? Have you set up the chain in the editor?

I unfortunately can’t show a screen shot of the chain but I do have it in my notes app, it goes as follows:


Ring A - DROP (cc# 11)

Tip A - pdf (cc# 10)

Loop B - neuron (cc# 12)

Ring C - dm 2

Tip C - loomer (cc# 14)

Loop D - meris

Loop E - tricerachorus

ml10x presets

  1. irrational (chorus, reverb)
  2. razorblade (neuron, chorus, reverb)
  3. d00m (neuron, loomer, delay, chorus, reverb)
  4. besides (drop, neuron [off], reverb)
  5. dead (pdf, neuron, chorus, reverb)
  6. stay (pdf, neuron, loomer [off])
  7. sandbox (everything but off)

I’ll also post a pic of the front and back tomorrow morning

with the MC6 Pro, the editor can be setup directly in the editor which has ML10X options within the dropdowns. This is the most efficient and effective way to change settings on the ML10X.