ML10X Freeze Issue

Hey guys,

Anytime I boot up my pedalboard, my ML10X gets frozen on the first preset. I am controlling it with an MC8 and swapping between presets on the ML10X regularly. When it’s all working, the unit does exactly what it’s supposed to. It just freezes at some point after boot. The only fix I have found is power cycling the ML10X itself one time. After that, everything works as normal for the rest of the time I’m using the board. Has anyone else had this issue?

Are you using the ML10X integration message type or PC/CC message to control the ML10X? Possible to share your ML10X data? I’ll try to replicate the issue.

Just to clarify, it happens once after boot. But after you restart it once, it does not happen again?

Morningstar_ML10X_Backup_File_20230310_231137.json (252.1 KB)
Morningstar_MC8_All_Banks_Backup_20230310_231351.json (1.0 MB)

I am using PC messages to control the ML10X. I just updated firmware on the MC8 and ML10x to be safe, and have attached json files for both units, if that’s helpful

Yes, it only happens that one time. Then it works just like it should for the rest of the session (as far as I can tell…I’ve only tested it a few hours of use at a time).

Thanks so much!

Thanks, I’ll see if I can replicate the issue