[ML10X Feature Request] Keeping engaged loops on preset change

I’m pretty sure there isn’t a way to do this today, so I’m assuming this is a feature request (but please let me know if I’m wrong).

I would like to be able to maintain the currently engaged loops when I switch to a different ML10X preset. I think this is something that would be beneficial for many people. Basically, I have a number of different presets set with different loop orderings (e.g., one preset with Loop B before A, one with A before B, another with B after E, etc). All the presets have all the loops switched off. Then on my MC6, I set which loops I want on or off for any given preset using either “engage loop” or “set loop.” I would assume this is how most people are doing this, since there are too many possible combinations of loop order and loops being on or off to set by ML10X preset alone.

But I would like to be able to audition how a given MC6 preset (e.g., delay at setting X, dirt at setting Y, modulation at setting Z, etc) would sound with the different loop orderings. I have a bank that displays all of my ML10X presets, so that I can select one, see how it sounds, and then switch to a different one. But the problem is when I do this, the loops aren’t engaged in the way I had set in the MC6 preset, so I can’t audition (at least not without going back and forth, which makes the auditioning tedious and I lose the immediate comparison that would otherwise be possible).

So I think it would be really helpful if there could be an on/off setting on the ML10X preset settings that lets you say whether when you select that ML10X preset it keeps the engaged/bypass loops as they were previously, or sets them as the preset has them set. This way, I could select a MC6 preset I like, and then cycle through the different ML10X presets to determine which loop ordering sounds best.


Whilst this feature might be useful to some, it would definitely need to be selectable as it’s a feature I wouldn’t use at this point in time. I like definitive switching.

Yep, that’s why my request was for it to be an on/off feature. In fact, ideally it would be selectable per controller preset, so that you could say, for this controller preset, I want the ML10X preset as saved, but for this other controller preset, I want the loops as they are currently.

It’s very tricky to explain in a simple way, but ultimately what the ask is that we need a way to re-order pedals in the chain in the ML10x without impacting what loops are engaged/dis-engaged.

There are a TON of use cases for this…mine is to have 2 loopers in the chain and while looping from one to the other, I want to switch the order of the loopers so I can delete and build loops by passing my main audio back and forth between loopers…

Surely plenty of the shoegaze curious would like to easily be able to switch the order of their dirt with their time based reverbs and delays.

Not all of us plan out exactly what everything needs to be in the pedal board when we play…some of us have a need to be spontaneous with our effects and have flexibility in a live situation to tweak things.

Yes, I agree that there is a use case for this. It’ll have to be a setting in each preset (something like, load engage status from previous preset). We’ll look into it!


Amazing. Thanks James!

Hi James. Curious if there’s any update as to whether you’ve been able to put the development of this feature on your roadmap for a future firmware update. Thanks!


I, too, am eagerly awaiting this fix/enhancement. Right now, this is a major wall in my flow. :frowning:

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We’re not ready to work on it yet, but we should be getting some work done in early March.

Understood. Thanks James. Looking forward to March then.