ML10x editor via widi jack

Hey, I bought an ML10x, an MC6 Pro and a CME widi jack, with the aim of being able to edit presets via widi on both devices.

I’ve been able to interact with the MC6 Pro via the widi jack from my macbook pro, but I haven’t yet been able to get the ML10x to connect to its editor from the same computer. Is this actually possible? The widi jack shows up as a connection option, but when clicking “connect” I just see a “Connecting…” modal pop up and then disappear. I don’t get any errors.

I’ve tried making sure that the MC6 Pro isn’t connected at the same time and have tried power cycling, updating the firmware of the jack and the ML10x, but no luck so far.

I can connect to the ML10x editor via a USB cable, but this would be far from ideal as a permanent solution.

Thanks in advance :slight_smile:

I mentioned a similar issue here [Widi thru6 edit mc6pro and ml10x]
(Widi thru6 edit mc6pro and ml10x)

I’m am afraid it as to do with the lack of a return from the ml10x to the widi device. Maybe if you can connect the thru port of the ml10x to the in of the mc6pro. In my setup I can’t, unfortunately.

I had that realization after I wrote this post, and tried a few things, unfortunately without success:

  • As you suggested, Created a loop by returning midi from the ML10x output to the MC6 Pro midi in
  • When that still didn’t work, I noticed that there are specific routing options for midi thru on the MC6 Pro, so I tried routing midi thru from the 3.5mm jack to din5, 3.5 to 3.5, and din5 to 3.5. This also didn’t work.

Incidentally, the midi thru routing seemed to then break the widi jack for the MC6 Pro until I reset the device confiiguration. Even just reverting the routing didn’t fix it. Not sure what happened there!

The one thing is I think there was a midi device in between the mc6pro and the ml10x when i did this. I’ll try again with nothing in between.

I don’t think the midi thru 3.5 to 3.5 on the mc6pro is a good idea. The other thru settings seem to make sense.

For the ML10X, you can’t use the WIDI Jack as the MIDI THRU port on the ML10X is a hard-wired THRU port - the ML10X does not send any of its own data out.

You can only use the uHost with the ML10X.

Thanks for clarifying James.

If the Uhost works, would it be possible to connect the ml10x to a usb hub, connected to the mc6pro usb host port, and configure midi thru to rout between host and 3.5mm jacks?

I was actually going to ask a similar question to see if this would allow me to connect the red panda tensor to its editor wirelessly too.

Yes, that is possible.

I just tested this:


  1. The ML10X is connected to a USB Hub (assuming the hub is a compatible one)
  2. The USB Hub is connected to the USB Host port on the MC6 PRO,
  3. WIDI Jack is connected to the MC6 PRO

with this MIDI Thru setting:

you can edit the ML10X wirelessly via the MC6 PRO with the WIDI Jack

Amazing. I’ll try this out tomorrow - I think I have a compatible hub lying around. If this works, it’s the last piece of the puzzle to having a rig I can program completely wirelessly :smile:.

@james I can confirm that this works for me too! One thing I noticed is that the ML10X does not respond to midi commands from my MC6Pro while connected to the usb hub. It’s not a huge issue as I can just unplug it after I am done configuring, but it would be awesome if there would be a way to mitigate this. I am guessing the ML10x isn’t designed to connect to the mc6pro directly by usb for normal use ?