ML10X editor options

I created my first ADVANCED patches today!! I’ve got some use cases where I would like to be able to have more robust Connector Settings options. Right now, the editor lets you name tip and ring as though the send and return is going to/coming from the same one device. For the purpose of chains, and various other routing options, this is not always my use case. I’d like to name each send tip/ring and each return tip/ring separately. I do like how clean the Connector Settings part of the editor is, so perhaps an “expanded” section for super nerds?


I’m realizing that you can name nodes with a lot of characters. I think this solves it for now.

Thanks! Yes, being able to name each input/output might be useful. We’ll explore in future updates.


One question I did have was if you have a mono in and stereo out (I’m thinking of the GFI Synthesia), will any additional setting/programming need to be done in labeling and getting that set up correctly in the ML10X and editor?

If you have a Mono Send to the GFI, and then a Stereo Return, then you’ll probably want to use the Advanced mode to route the signals for this. What’s your intended signal chain you want to build?